Help us translate Holy Truth: a coffee is enough!

Help us translate Holy Truth: a coffee is enough! 

Italian Edition
Holy Truth is a cyberpunk role-playing game inspired by Syndicate Wars (pc game), In time, Equilibrium, Hunger Games and George Orwell's 1984. In order to translate Holy Truth we need just about 200€.  

I don't usually resort to crowdfunding for this kind of projects, so i want to immediately give you something in exchange. You can buy some of the games he has already translated into English. The money collected in this way will be directly used to pay the translation of Holy Truth.

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60 Page A5 Format - in full color! - 
A hidden menace awakens! You recognized the signs. A glacial grip around your heart. An echo of cries so dreadful they make the mountains shiver! You glimpsed its gruesome figure in the darkness, where even light gives way to ice and obscurity. Suddenly, everything is clear to you: No one is safe anymore, and no one believes you.
But as you began to doubt yourself, you felt a call in your heart. You are heroes, the only hope for a world about to face its greatest foe. When the last hour comes, you know you cannot stand by and watch.
Draw your swords and lace your boots, Heroes. Your journey begins now. 

This RPG is now at is original price: 4.99 $

CARTOONER RPG play your favorite toon

30 Page A5 Format - in full color!
"Welcome friends to Cartooner, a game about creating your own animated cartoon! You and your friends will collectively become a Cartoonist who is tasked with making a funny cartoon  show come alive - you know, like those where a little bird "thought he saw a puddy tat" or rabbits dress in drag and sing opera songs."
In this ambitious project, we have focused heavily on simplicity, allowing the player to focus more on creating an environment of play suitable for the style of Cartoons!  

The result is a streamlined manual, full of funny quotes, and the only things that are missing to play are:  4 to 6 players, 2 six-sided dice, a Carrot and 40 minutes.

This RPG is now at is original price: 4.99 $.

"That night you drank too much; with your car you ran over an innocent boy", your actions has broken a life and ruined a family.

After your death, you've found a last chance to reedem yourself: to bring together a broken family, one that has suffered the same kind of tragedy you caused.

Explore the emotional bonds that tie the living and the dead in this story role-playing game. Is despair and sadness too painful to overcome, or will happy endings be in the horizon before the curtain closes? Inspedired by Charles Dickens "a christmas carol", Ghost...

You are in a coma.  
And in this time of loss you are visited by an ethereal being.
The being appears as the person you have loved the most in your life. The being is here to answer your questions. But is it truly here to help you? To guide you? Is it Divine Mercy? Or is it an Angel of Damnation? Will you follow it up the light?

Trapped: "a terrifying experience for 2 player!"

Trapped is a two-player story game with live-action role-playing elements: "The game requires no dice, and requires a room which can be darkened for some scenes. The use of a torch/flashlight is necessary as is a musical device/player".

Truel is a freeform romle-playing game of Skill, Bluff and Strategy for 3 to 6 Six Player (also for Kids)! One game takes about 40 minutes! Truel is a freeform role-playing game of Skill, Bluff and Strategy for 3 to 6 Six Player (also for Kids)! One game takes about 40 minutes!

Witness Protection Program is an introspective role-playing game about people who, having found themselves “in the wrong place at the wrong time,” are forced to relinquish all that is dear to them and to start a new life shrouded by nostalgia and fear. The game is meant for 3-5 players, one of whom will have special tasks and will serve as a mediator for the others. He will be referred to as GM in this book.

Father, beloved, renown by everyone for his calm demeanor and kindness. But he has a secret! Beneath his mask hides a vicious serial killer, known to the world as “The Butcher.” And when need pushes him to the brink, the cold calculating man finds himself making the little mistakes needed to turn him into the suspect. At least two players are required to play “The Suspect.”

Buy any of these role-playing games for the price of a coffee and get ready to see our next game “Holy Truth” translated in English!