My Fantasy RPG "Why should I play My Fantasy?" and a full AP!

Why should I play "My Fantasy"?

Why should I play "My Fantasy"?- Because I want to play characters capable of heroic deeds but i'm tired of the usual Fantasy games in which heroes are nothing but gleaming armor and weapons! "My Fantasy" brings Mystery, Exploration and Combat to the table while maintaining the humanity of its protagonists.

- Because “My Fantasy” has a concise ruleset that allows a campaign to be completed in as short as four hours, and that includes the setup of the game. I'm always ready for exciting new adventures!

- Because in “My Fantasy” each stage of the game is played with the same emphasis: both for mysteries and for scenes in which the characters, exhausted and camped, discuss around a fire what they faced during their last adventure.

- Because I want a game system that will encourage tough choices that will affect both my character and the whole group!

- My Fantasy helps creating Heroic deeds that will remain in my thoughts for long. What will happen in the final battle when I will have to choose between the life of my character and that of all humanity?

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Follow a full AP

Giovanni, Luca and Daniele meet to play My Fantasy. Giovanni has read the entire manual and wants to be the GM for this evening of heroic endeavors. The Players have prepared 18 6-sided dice, 2 Hero character sheets, 3 6-sided dice of a different color, some white paper and pencils. [page 9 of the manual to read about the Roles in the Game] 

Giovanni, the GM, asks the players, starting from Daniele: 
“What kind of Fantasy setting would you like to play, something inspired by the Lord of the Rings or something Steampunk Style? 

GM << Try to describe two elements that you would like to see in the game! >>. 
Daniele << I would like to see Medieval Fantasy and a lot of different races >>. 
GM << Luca, what about you instead? >>. 
Luca << A Fantasy light on Magic is fine by me, and I would prefer to see only humans at first >>. 
GM << Ok Luca, is having a just a few races really important to you? >>. 
Luca << Yes, i would like it better if we started with only humans! >>. 
GM << Daniele, do you want to change something in what Luca said? >>. 
Daniele << Fine by me, maybe we could introduce new races later in the game? >>. 
GM << Very well, then your characters will be Humans in a Fantasy world low on magic, but during the game we could introduce new races never discovered untill now! >>. 

GM << Ok, everyone take a Character sheet, and choose your archetype between Warrior, Magician and Explorer. Don't worry if you choose the same archetype, the important is that you like it! >>.

Daniele << I want to be a Magician! >>. 
You spent so much time on those books that now an arcane power vibrates in your eyes, in your flesh, in your soul. The sky opens at your command, the rules of reality disappear and blinding thunders dart from the tip of your fingers. 
As a magician there is no one as good as you in the ways of magic, in spell casting, and so accustomed as you to the arcane mysteries. 

Luca << I want to be a Warrior! >>. 
You are a master of combat. The battlefield feels like home, and the warm blood gushing from your enemies is your life reason. Doesn't matter if you are a brawny barbarian or an agile swordsman, the battle flows in your veins.
As a warrior there is no one as good as you in combat, in dealing with weapons and in war tactics. 

GM << Okay, now that you have chosen your archetype, you can customize it, to do so you have to choose two Knacks of your character! See them as special abilities, unique characteristics of your Character! The best way to create them is to tie them to your archetype, if you are a Magician you could specify your strength in Fire Magic! >>. 

Daniele << I like it! I want my Mage to be expert with Fire Magic, and also would like to use “Cold Strategist” from the manual, which should define my character's personality! >> 
Luca << Brute Force intrigues me, I like the idea of a strong warrior. As a second Knack i'll choose Smug! Yes, my character is at best a little full of himself! >>. 

GM << All right, you can write it all on your characters sheets >>. 

[Reference: 3.4 Define your Character - page 18] 

GM <<Daniele, tell us a bit about your character, use what your character can do as a base for his story! For starters, Why is that he can use Fire Magic like that? >>. 
Daniele << It was the first Dark magic that I was able to master, since then I've been studying flames with passion and am now a skilled connoisseur of that particular discipline>>. 
GM << Ok, that's fine! What about him being a Cold Strategist? >>. 
Daniele << At the academy, when I was studying, we were taught to be calm and disciplined while searching the solution to every kind of threat! >>. 
GM << Could you describe him physically? >>. 
Daniele << He's thin and slightly hunched from too much time spent on books! He has lively blue eyes and graying hair! His hair is grey even though he is young, a peculiarity of his family! He usually wears a grey tunic with a red line in the middle from the Wizard Academy >>. 

GM << Luca, now it's your turn! >>. 
Luca << Brute Force is a something I am endowed since i was really young! My father said that our grandfather was also like that since birth! I'm Smug because since childhood I could rely on that gift and therfore i could easily prevail in most games and always wanted to be considered the number one! I'm always dressed in common leather clothes: even if practical all my clothes are well finished and i always appear good! My hair is jet-black and i got piercing green eyes and a sarcastic smile always on my face! >>. 
GM << Okay, that's enough for now >>. 

GM << Daniele, while doing something you gained awareness of something dark, a luring Menace about to plunge on your town. How did you come to know about this Menace? Where were you? >>. 
Daniele << I was in the tower of magic and I was looking at a crystal ball, until now I was never able to read anything into it, but suddenly I felt a trembling sensation into my whole body, and I could see the color of flames beyond the high peaks shrouded in mist! >>. 
GM << Ok, stop there, would you go on Luca? Where were you? What did you see? Try to add something to what Daniele said! >>. 
Luca << I was on patrol under the mountain! During my normal shift, suddenly I heard a dreadful scream and blood froze in my veins clearing the smile that smile that's always on my face! Only then, I saw flames coming from one of the peaks of the Frozen Mountain! >>. 
GM << Ok, we've added enough details >>. 

GM << Guys, we now have to define the Past and Present Bonds. Past Bonds are something that strongly binds you to your cities, to your work, your family, your loved ones. The Present Bonds are something that strongly binds you to the Menace, a reason to go and fight it! You will need to create three Past Bonds and two Present Bonds, and for the Present ones at least one must be a Bond between the two of you! >>. 

Daniele << My character could be the brother of yours, Luca, what do you think? >>. 
Luca << Um ... okay with me! Then I change my description, I also have grey hair! >>. 
GM << Well, then, write this as your first Bond, specifying each other's names and that it's brotherly love! >>. 

Daniele << For the Past, I want a relationship with the academy tower: "I worked so hard to become its guardian." The other one is with Rachel, the woman of my life: I never declared my love to her. But above all, I will miss my mother, she found in me the gift of Magic >>. 
GM << Great, you just need another Present Bond! For now, the curiosity to discover what is happening might also be enough >>. 
Daniele << I'm going to do it because i believe its my duty to protect the city, and because my studies made me curious! >>. 

Luca << Now it's up to me, then! I will miss my father, Barbuck, who's also the man who taught me to fight with a sword. I will miss my role as Guard of the city and I'm here to protect it. I will miss my daughter Adele, she already lost her Mother: "What would she do without me?" >>. 
GM <<Ok>>. 
Luca << I depart in this adventure because I want to become the Governor of Castle, a desire linked to my being smug, but apart from that i really care about this city. I also have the bond with the character of Daniele, obviously >>. 

[Reference: 3.7 Equipment - page 23] 
GM << We're almost there with the preparation! You can now create an Armor or a Special Item, that can be anything from sword forged by the greatest blacksmith to a magical artifact that enhances fire magic! The important thing is that its effect is specific: the sword might shine if it senses trouble while the artifact might enhance fire magic! >>. 

Luca << Giovanni, I definitely want a sword! It could be my father's and makes my fighting more accurate! >>. 

Daniele << For starters I want an Armor, or rather I want to make the Magicians grey tunic to be protective enough! >>. 

GM << You will be able, of course, to buy more Equipment during the game! With this guys, we finished creating the Characters! Here we go! >>. 

Before starting the adventure, I put on the table a number of D6 equal to the number of Players * 3 to create the GM Pool, and the same number of D6 at the center of the table to create the Destiny Pool. In our case, both Pools will have 9D6. 

[Reference: 3.10 The first mission - page 25]
GM << As you may know from reading the manual, in My Fantasy it's mostly up to the players to frame the scenes! That said, Luca, would you like to frame the first scene since you were the last to create your Character? >>.
Luca << Okay! What should I do? >>.
GM << You can frame the scene starting from wherever you like, even very close to the Menace. In short, start from the point that you think is the most interesting to play! Then, we will see what happens... The important thing is that Daniele's Character and yours meet and depart together! You're the only ones believing that the Menace is about to hit and have seen the signs of its coming! >>.
Luca << Daniele and I left the CIty and ascended Mount Cold using the old trade route connecting ours to the city of Utopia! The fog just surrounded us as we arrived in the place where the flames we saw were! >>.
GM << Right then you notice that powerful claws have scratched the mountain wall, and some rocks are pitchy! Daniele, what do you think it was? Remember that you are a wizard and you have an immense knowledge! >>.
Daniele << Ah nice! I read in a book that an old Dragon was defeated right on top of this mountain falling into an eternal sleep, could it be that he awakened? >>.
GM << Luca, what else can you add? >>.
Luca << I also know the Legend of the Dragon! Our Father told us about that! The story speaks about a Dragon with solid rock skin! If it were that dragon from the legends it would be a big trouble. But i'm not giving up, I want to face it! >>.

GM << Fine! Now that we know that it is a dragon, what do you think the goal of the mission could be? >>.
Luca << Killing the Dragon! >>.
Daniele << Yes, fine by me, chasing it away from our city! >>.
GM << From this moment on, you will notice that there will be no more interruptions during the adventure, we have basically finished the game setup >>.

[4. The Conflict]

GM << Just when you're thinking that you might be ready to face the Dragon, you see its colossal figure appear behind the fog! Instants later, flames are already springing from his mouth! >>.
GM << I use 2D6 from the GM Pool as Opposition, and 1D6 to create a Condition. The Dragon is immune to Magic >>. The D6 used by the GM to create the Condition, is added to the Destiny Pool.

Daniele << I want to be the first to act if possible! I use my magic to raise a protection against fire and shout to my brother "Attack it as soon as you can!" >>.
Daniele << I'm playing according to my archetype, Magician, so i can the base 2D6! Then, for using “cold strategist” i get 1D6 from the Destiny Pool: I'm keeping my nerve even if there's a huge fire-breathing dragon in front of me! I also want to use a Past Bond and get another D6 from the Destiny Pool: I think about my tower, I don't want it to be destroyed! >>.
Giovanni << Fine, mark the box next to the Bond you used! And then put a mark on the bar for Past Bonds! Now roll the dice and let's see what happens! You succeed if you roll a 5 or a 6 on as many dice as the ones i put forward at the start of the conflict >>.

Destiny Pool: 8D6 remaining (2 spent and 1 gained from the condition)
GM Pool: 6 D6 remaining (2 put forward as opposition and 1 spent for a condition)

Daniele << Ok, i Roll 3D6 (2 base D6s + 1D6 from the Destiny Pool) and i already have an automatic success for the Bond i played (1D6 from the Destiny Pool). My results are 4,3,6! Well, that's one hit plus an automatic success! I can raise a protective magic shiled against fire! My city will be saved! >>.

Destiny Pool: 10 D6 remaining (The D6s used by the GM go to the Destiny Pool, here it's two)
GM Pool: 8 D6 remaining ( The D6s taken from the Destiny Pool go to the GM Pool, here it's two)

GM << The Dragon moves forward without fear towards you and shakes the valley below with a dreadful roar as the flames are reflected by the magic shield! >>.

Luca << Now it's my turn! I unsheathe our Father's  sword and scornfully jump on the dragon. I have no fear at all!!! >>.
GM << I use 3D6 from the GM Pool >>. 
Luca << I'm playing accordingly to my archetype so I can roll the base 3D6! I use my sword (Special Item) and now I succeed if i get a 4, 5 or 6 (to do that i spend 1D6 from the Destiny Pool). I use the Past Bond to my father for an automatic success: "Father your teachings have not been in vain! You'll be proud of me!" then i mark the used Bond and one of the slots on the bar of the Past Bonds and take 1D6 from the Destiny Pool. I'm also using the “smug” and “Brute Force” Knacks: i take 1D6 from the Destiny Pool to play Smug and in doing so my character shouts: "Dragon, prepared to become my new dress!" then i take another D6 to play Brute Force cause i try to jump on top of the dragon's head (and it's huge!) >>.

Destiny Pool: 6 D6 remaining (4 spent)
GM Pool: 5 D6 remaining (3 put forward as opposition)

Luca <<In summary, i'm rolling 5D6 and already have an automatic success due to the Bond i played. I also used my Special Item so i succeed with 4,5 or 6. Results: 2,2,4,3,3. Damn! I got only 2 successes summing the one with the dice and the automatic one. I failed!
GM << Since you failed the D6s you took from the Destiny Pool, 4 in this example, become Hero Points! Put them next to your Character sheet >>.

GM << You jump on the dragon's head, but the beast is faster than you and bites you with all its strength, you're hurt but you can free yourself from its grip. This lowers your Stress value of one, from “Good conditions” you become “Wounded” >>.
Luca <<Ouch! >>.

Since it was a failure, the D6s Luca took from the Destiny Pool become Hero Points: he must put those dice near his Character Sheet. The dices the GM spent go back in his Pool.

Destiny Pool: 6 D6 remaining
GM Pool: 8 D6 remaining (the dices the GM spent go back in his Pool)

Daniele << My turn again! Since the dragon is immune to magic, i hurl some rocks against him! >>
GM << You really think the dragon would just sit and watch what you are doing without reacting? He turns to you and is ready to hit you with flames >>.
GM << I put forward 3D6 as the Opposition! >>.
Daniele << I'm playing according to my Archetype because i'm levitating the rocks with my magic, so i can roll the base 3D6! Then i use “Cold Strategist” (I take 1D6 from the Destiny Pool), my aim is to get his attention away my brother, to do that i attract it to myself! I use the  Bond with Luca (I take 1D6 from the Destiny Pool) because i suffer when my brother is hurt! I am also using the scenario since I'm throwing rocks and stones on the Dragon (I take 1D6 from the Destiny Pool) >>.

Destiny Pool: 3 D6 remaining (3 spent)
GM Pool: 5 D6 (3 put forward as opposition)

Daniele << So, I'm rolling the base 3D6 and another 2D6 I got from the Destiny Pool (1 for “Cold Strategist” and 1 for using the scenario) for a total of 5D6. I also played the Bond with Luca so I have one additional automatic success! I roll the dice and get: 2,2,1,1,4. I got no success  apart from the automatic one so I failed miserably >>.
GM << Since it's a failure, the 3D6 from the Destiny Pool become Hero Points: put those dice near your Character Sheet >>.

GM << The Dragon avoids the stones that you hurled against him, and breaths again to destroy your protective vest, that protects you but is damaged in the process >>.

Luca << That's enough, this dragon is trying my patience! I use the Heroic Act: i stand between my brother and the dragon, doesn't matter if i'm knocked out, i want to save him! >>.

GM  << Ok Luca, by doing that all the dice i used as opposition (which were 3) become Hero Points for you. If you want, you can give some of them to Daniele >>.
Luca << I give 1 of them to Daniele! Brother, finish him! >>.

GM << Luca you're now “knocked out” and out of the game for this mission! You must now put a mark on the Past Bonds bar >>.

Destiny Pool: 3 D6 remaining
GM Pool: 5 D6 remaining

GM << I put forward 3D6, it's all or nothing! >>.
Daniele << Damned Dragon! I immediately spend 3 Hero Points (putting the used dice in the GM Pool) to increase the likelihood of success (4,5 or 6 all succeed). I use Magic to melt the rocks beneath the dragon and make him fall in the resulting hole; this way i get the base 3D6! Using “Cold Strategist” i try to attract the dragon to a point where the rock is more resistant, and doing so I also use the scenario: I take 2D6 from the Destiny Pool for this action! I also use a Past Bond (1D6 from the Destiny Pool): if things go bad I will have lost all my chances to tell Rachel that I love her! >>.

Destiny Pool: 0 D6 remaining (3 spent)
GM Pool: 2 D6 remaining (3 put forward as opposition, 3 gained as part of the hero points exchange)

Daniele << I'm Rolling 3D6 and i already have an automatic success: my results are 4-5-6! Dragon, you're time has come! >>.

Daniele << I see Rachel's smile in my mind... my hands start to glow and the Dragon is only steps away when my magic melts the rock beneath him and he sinks! In a matter of seconds the rocks are solid again, tearing apart the Dragon's body and stopping him forever! >>.

GM Pool 5 D6 remaining (The D6s used by the GM go to the Destiny Pool, here it's 3)
Destiny Pool 3 D6 remaining (The D6s used by the GM go to the Destiny Pool, here it's 3)

GM << You have reached the Goal! Mark a box on the Present Bonds bar! >>.

[Reference: 5. scenes - page 41]
GM << Daniele and Luca, you can now transform all the D6s you have near your Character sheet and write them on your character sheet, In addition, the dice remaining in the Destiny Pool become Hero Points to divide between the players. That said you get 3 additional Hero Point to be divided due to the dice remaining in the Destiny Pool and Daniele, who has less total Hero Points (used them in the last conflict), gets 2 of them (after equally dividing the points, the rest goes to the person with less hero points)! >>.

GM << Since you reached the goal and Luca's character was Knocked Out, now you must do a Bonding Scene. But before you do it, you must know how your character feels so that you can interpret it in the next scene >>.
Luca << I used only 1 Past Bond and I have two marks on the Past bar and 1 mark on the Present bar. >>.
GM << Well, your character is discouraged, he sees staying in the city as more important, he already misses it a lot! He has a lot of doubts about whether to continue or not, but that is your choice as a player. >>.

Daniele << I used 2 Past Bonds and 1 Present Bond >>.
GM << Your're also wondering about wether to continue or not, you want to go back because you miss Rachel, your Tower and you're fearful! >>.

GM << On the other hand, after this battle, you discover something new about the Dragon! Daniele, describe what you find out! >>.
Daniele << The Dragon was definitely evoked by a powerful wizard, there were magical seals to keep it embedded in the rock, and it could never shatter them without external help! >>.
Luca << Yes, when I jumped on his head I noticed he had a Purple Opal set on it, which emitted a strange glow! >>.
GM << Most likely it was a magical stone similar to those used by Utopia to control their armies! What do you think the next Goal could be? >>.
Daniele << Going to Utopia and finding out if it's them who awaken the Dragon! >>.
Luca << That's perfect! >>.

Giovanni << Ok, where do you want to go to rest? You go back in town? >>.
Daniele << I take care of my brother with magic myself, caressing him gently, he saved my life in the battle! We camp just below the fog, taking the trade route to Utopia! I'm afraid of losing Rachel, but I can not allow Utopia to invade our city, I care too much. A tear drips on my face! >>.
Luca << I regain consciousness next to a fire, i hug my brother, I was really scared of losing him, and our father would be proud of us... I miss him, but we can not stop ... I want to go on! Whoever did this will pay! I Change my Present Bond with "They will pay!" >>.
Giovanni << Okay, Luca >>

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