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My Fantasy RPG Draw your swords and lace your boots, heroes, your journey begins now.

My Fantasy RPG  Draw your swords and lace your boots, heroes, your journey begins now.
Draw your swords and lace your boots, heroes, your journey begins now. Before you, the opponent. Behind you, your loved ones, your land, your home. Will you have the courage not to look back?

My Fantasy is a role-playing game of tough choices, heroism, exploration and grand battles. An epic adventure for 3 to 5 Players, in which one of you, the players, will have the special role of Game Master (GM).

1.1 The dice
To play My Fantasy RPG you need some 6-sided dices (d6), at least 20-25 of one color and at least 3 of another color or different size

2. Roles in the game
Welcome players, your journey is about to begin. Before unsheathing your swords and invoking the power of magic, it's important that you read this tome. Among these pages is enclosed immense power: here you will find all the rules needed to play “My Fantasy”, the only way to defeat the menace hanging over us.
The first thing you need to know is your role in the game. When you'll find yourself around the table, as ready as knights can be for battle, one of you will play the role of Game Master (GM), all the others will be the players.

2.1 The Game Master
You the master of the game, one who holds an immense power. Your goal is to treat the player characters as the protagonists of a heroic movie. It's up to you to use all your resources to the best, in order to give them a life full of adventure, rejoicing in their successes and mourning for their failures.
It's your duty to listen to the players input: they will often suggest elements on their own while asking you what their characters can see and hear from the world around them. Your job is to say yes, taking advantage of what they introduce as a basis for setting interesting obstacles and threats.
Playing “My Fantasy” is almost like having a conversation. Every time you say something and introduce any element, ask them "what do you do?" in order to pass the ball in their hands and build a lively conversation. Also ask them "why are you doing this?", It's important to know the reason for their actions. You are a fan of them, it's up to you to be sure that the characters have something to sink their teeth into.
If you think they are in trouble, use all you can from their character sheet to help. Pester their bonds, offer opportunities to use their skills and make sure they have a chance to shine. Use each of their contributions to help them move their characters around the world but also to advance the menace at the same time. Closer. Always closer.
One of your tasks is also to use all the non-player characters (NPCs). Create them with deep, complex lives, but always at all times that they are nothing more than extras. They real protagonists are the player characters (PCs).

A role different from usual
If you are used to the role of GM in other RPGs, you'll notice that “My Fantasy” works in a different way. It's not up to you to direct players to a definite decision nor tell them everything they see and hear in the world. The players have enough freedom to be able to steer the story through their actions and choices and enough power to add elements to the game world without having to ask.
Using a metaphor from the musical world: As GM you're not a conductor or a composer. It's not your authority to decide the beginning of action and its ending. Think of yourself as a bass player. You are there to perform the background track so that the other players can play their virtuosities and explicit their ideas.

2.2 The players
You are the heroes, those who have the daunting task of defeating the menace to protect everything they love and believe in. Each of you will create and roleplay one of these heroes, outlining their past and guiding them into battle, exploration and mystery solving.
As players you have authority over your character: what they do, think and want. The GM will ask "why are you doing this?" (e.g. if you say that you look out the window, the GM will ask: "why are you doing this?", you might answer that you want to check the house of the governor to keep an eye on who enters and exits). As players you have authority on the past story of your hero, the GM can not intrude in it.
Unlike other games “My Fantasy” allows you to introduce environmental elements and NPCs, but you'll always need to ask the GM (e.g. you can decide that you want a knight to appear before you. The GM will usually tell “yes, and...” and will probably ask you who he is and how you know him as well as adding more details. The GM's task is to use the elements you introduce as a basis for setting new challenges and obstacles.
Your main resource, as players, are the “Hero points”. Using 1 Hero point you can force the GM to accept an element you described. But remember that you're not playing against the GM. Your task is to play to explore the limits of your character, in order to see him suffer and rejoice, fight, win and fall; to see him defeat the nearing enemy, or perhaps, to see him run home with the defeat in its heart.
“My Fantasy” is not a tactical game. Play for the aesthetic of the story and you'll be playing well.   

Act in freedom, fight without mercy
Just like with the GM, your role differs when compared to other RPGs. You are not here to follow the story created by the GM but you have the freedom to set the scenes and to influence the scenarios with your ideas and your choices. All this power must not be wasted: the best way in which you can do it is play in a heartfelt way. Don't wait for the GM to give you a mission to accomplish, set it yourself. Create items that you care about and like, bring the story where you want it to go and don't be afraid of letting your hero act in the most passionate way. “My Fantasy” deals with active and brave heroes, and works thanks to proactive and creative players. 

My Fantasy RPG coming soon! 

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