domenica 17 agosto 2014

My Fantasy RPG Trailer has now English subtitles

My Fantasy RPG Trailer has now English subtitles! 

A obscure menace awakened!
You recognized the signs, a glacial grip around your heart; you heard the echo of its cries, sounds so dreadful to make the mountains shiver in fear! 

In the darkness, when every light gave way to ice and obscurity, you had a glimpse of its gruesome figure. 

Everything is suddenly clear to you: no one is safe anymore!
Yet no one believes you.
As you started doubting yourself, you felt a call in your heart. You Are Heroes, the only hope for a world that is about to face his greatest foe. When the last hour comes, you know that you can't stand by and watch.
Draw your swords and lace your boots, heroes, your journey begins now.

My Fantasy is a role-playing game of tough choices, heroism, exploration and grand battles. An epic adventure for 3 to 5 Players.

Before you, the opponent. Behind you, your loved ones, your land, your home. Will you have the courage not to look back?

Coming soon!

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Sostieni Vas Quas Editrice
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