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i answered some questions about "my fantasy" rpg

I answered some questions about "my fantasy" rpg

One of the special features of this game is that the system is made so that: "even the GM doesn't know exactly what is happening!". It 's something that you'll discover going through the game together. Being GM in “My fantasy” is very different from both DW or D&D, and extremely fun (I think I'll post the chapters that explain the GM and players roles shortly, since it's the first chapter of the game)!

Second relevant point, My fantasy is different from other Fantasy games as it is focused primarily on Mysteries and strong Choices. The characters are indeed very strong Heroes and you may find yourself facing a dragon, but you'll also have to face your feelings! The characters that you are going to create are mostly a collection of bonds with their Past and Present and you'll be making tough choices through them all the time!
Imagine that you are sitting comfortably in a chair in front of a house, you hear a loud noise coming from the mountains! A friend come to you and warns you with a nervous voice: "Have you noticed how the birds are flying away? Something awful must be happening!" you'll soon be forced to depart and investigate! You are the only ones who can take care of your village (the others just seem not to care and don't believe your stories).

But what will you leave behind? “I leave my wife, my son John, but also the peace of an afternoon spent watching the mountains in the chill air under the porch". These are all Bonds to the past and are one of the most important resources in the game. Of course you'll also have reasons to push you forward. In this case the first will probably be that “you'd never leave your best friend alone in the investigation” and another might be “the need of someone facing the danger!”
During the course of your adventure you're likely to risk death and as a result you may never see your wife and son again! This happens mechanically using your Bonds to the past and present to improve your chances of success in performing difficult actions, but then in the "recovery" scenes you'll be forced to bring into play your fears pushing you to keep choosing wether to continue and to move forward in your travel or to return home!

After the game setup there'll be no stop, since every scene holds a mechanical weight, also the rest around the fire and the journey by cart from one location to another (recovery scenes). During these scenes the characters explore themselves, find new motivation to keep going on with their adventure and sometimes choose to go back! In this game you wont be able to throw yourself at the huge monster without fear of losing something and the choice of returning home means you'll only be able to save one of your bonds... tough choice, isn't it?

Another interesting mechanic is the "heroic act": you may choose to sacrifice yourself to save your friends, getting a big bonus but going out of the game for a scene after using that advantage! This is intriguing because from heroism will come, as you may realize, the danger of dying and losing something that you love: your bonds! In the final scene when you'll be facing the menace itself, the same mechanic might let you save the world! But this time the price to pay will be death! What will you and your companions do? Returning home victorious is never a big party when you've lost some traveling companion! The game will often push you to make this kind of choices.


My fantasy is also pretty versatile: it's indeed focused on Fantasy, but you'll soon realize that it's easy to play with many other types of settings! It's one of those games where you'll say: "Tonight we play at my fantasy!” And you wont have to prepare anything beforehand. Concerning the mechanics they are very light and you wont write the characters as numbers but as archetypes and bonds... The resolution system is based on pools of d6s, and will help you to put in game your archetype and sentimental bonds with the past and the present. This game is definitely immediate!

I've played “my fantasy” with all kind of audiences, also with a group of children aged around 8 years, without any problem: we played in the world of "Epic-Secret world". Honestly, I didn't think it would have worked that well, as i thought it was playable only by adults, instead I gladly changed my mind! Obviously the issues were different but it was a really pleasant experience! I love playing with kids, even it it's difficult to keep their attention for long (I also developed games for this specific target audience as Cartooner, also in english, or Furball RPG). I think the novelty and Mistery contribute much and learning the mechanics went without problems, as they learnt quickly and effectively to apply them.

Just yesterday I finished a game in a beautiful Fantasy-Steampunk setting. The two heroes have chosen to return home, because one of the two (Emily) had hidden the other that she was pregnant with his son! When he found out, the two have chosen to save themselves! Emily saved her son but he lost his family! Jonas, the other hero and husband of Emily, saved his family but lost his best friend and his home.

The ending might be sad, but there's always the possibility to continue the saga... The game is not designed to play campaigns as in the classics, but leaves open the opportunity to continue with the children of the protagonists of the last campaign or with the same protagonists now aged.

I still get goose bumps when reading the actual plays from which some of these examples are extracted, and every other session we played have left an incredible memory. You can read the AP i've uploaded yesterday, with google translate, if you like:

I hope to be able to give you some more information soon!

Thanks again for the interest!

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