mercoledì 18 dicembre 2013

To hunt down the end

New Vas Quas Editrice pubblication in collaboration with Platonic Duck (Raffaele Manzo) coming soon!

I share to day with all of you the Setting:
Whenever the Deathless Emperors of Thoura attempted to subjugate the inhospitable Starlit Lands, thus seizing control of trade routes between East and West, local nomadic tribes ceased their petty in-fighting and united against invaders. Through superior knowledge of the treacherous terrain, the tribes unfailingly vanquished any foreign armies.

In a more patient scheme, the Thourans sponsored the Preachers of Nether, whose nihilistic faith is now eating the tribes like a cancer. Their rituals invite demons into reality, which now haunt the land in roving packs. It’s only a matter of time before these cultists, swollen in number and confidence, summon the alien and unnamed “Ender-of-worlds”, mother and father to all demons, hungriest amongst the Great Old Ones. Deadlier than a plague of locusts, its coming will leave the Starlit Lands a lifeless wasteland for Thouran armies to occupy unchallenged.

But the Brotherhood of Chimeras – demon-binding alchemists whose craft was banned from all civilized kingdoms – also make their refuge here. Desperate to prevent the summoning, they selected a handful of skilled hunters from the dwindling Night tribe, taught them the rudiments of their art and empowered them with demonic blood through experiments best left undescribed.

Their bodies now horridly reshaped into living weapons, these hunters are unleashed to hound the Preachers, slay demons, and ultimately stop the Ender-of-worlds. If successful, they would have proven themselves mightier than any mortal and return to the Night tribe as kings – maybe even lead their kind to unite all tribes as an empire?

What about the game? It's an RPG for up one player! Other news coming soon! Now we need the time to work on his relase!!

Keep in touch!

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