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Cartooner: the latest news

Cartooner: the latest news


These days we’re being asked about Cartooner a lot: both about the game as such and the state of development. Well, it’s about time! We can’t yet announce an official release date, though.

Here’s an announcement, by the way – one I’m very excited I can give: Paul Czege is now part of our crew, working side-by-side with Raffaele Manzo!

The spirit of the game

There’s a (not so secret) formula to the true Cartooner mood, and its components are:
  • That which doesn’t make us laugh, we don’t like! Which means narrations need be funny. Read my lips: this is not going to be just another boring-serious game, OK?
  • Physical laws don’t apply! In cartoons, you suffer no long-term consequences for falling down from impossible heights, or getting so hard a beating it makes you blow up like a firecracker. You can run in midair like it was solid ground – and won’t fall until you realize it isn’t.
  • Animals talk! Sure they do, and they’re all-around cooler than people – I mean, have you ever seen a human ride on a rocket to chase after a bird? Yeah, me neither.
That’s Cartooner! And what’s best about this game is that you can really play it anywhere, anytime – you just need a pair of six-sided dice and about 40 minutes to spare! Powered by the Experience System by Vas Quas Publishing, a perfect fit for this job, the game will turn you into an awesome c
Cartoonist in no time.

State of development

The Cartooner project is now going through its final steps. This very moment, the text for both the Italian-language edition and its English translation is being edited, by Raffaele Manzo and Paul Czege respectively. Daniele Fenaroli is working on the the layout, while all of the illustrations are done already – by the wonderful Chiara Pedrini!

…That’s all, folks!

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